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Dedemit Gunung Kidul - Full Horror Movie and Sexy Scenes

One more horror films in production that accentuates the K2K Productions full sexy and beauty. The film titled Dedemit Gunung Kidul film that tells of a businessman named "Rodney" which has 2 children named Vicky and Jane. Vicky and Jane have a debt to the rich mafia kingpin, call it Mar as a mafia, Mark handed cold. Rodney can not afford to pay the debt that much with interest rates continue to grow. Mark asked for collateral, a daughter must be his wife. Rodney could not help but agree and submit Vicky who really likes Mark.

Mark make plans to marry Peter worry. As his right hand, Peter felt compelled to do something to ensure the survival of the gang. Mark did not want to give a damn about it. Before getting married, Mark invites Vicky vacation climb Gunung Kidul. Malang, came the news on television that the bodies of Vicky was found, suspected to be victims of Gunung Kidul.

As a very close sister, Jane very sad. Rodney was shocked when he learned Vicky died. Moreover, debt payment plan failed because of the death of Vicky. Rodney thought to give up Jane on Mark for their business relationship remains smooth. Hearing the plan of his father, Jane becomes chaotic. Jane saw a strange apparition and also began a nightmare.

After Jane married, Mark still be cold. When the first night Mark did not touch the bride a bit, did not even go home because there is a sudden affair. When Jane moved into the luxurious Mark's house, some items covered in white cloth. When it opened, just like the first sight of crystal lamps, bronze bells at the front door swimming pool, and a rocking chair. Jane did not have time to check further as Peter watched with grim. Day after day Jane remained untouched Mark.

When his friend, Fabio visit, Jane told me everything. Peter's behavior strange and too set up Mark to make Jane's suspicions. Suspicion is actually unlock the mystery death of his brother.

Cast: Uli Auliani, Tasa Rudman, Afdhal Yusman, Ammy Tawaqal. Producer: KK Dheraj Production: K2K Productions. Movie Length 90 Minutes. Genre: Adult : Source :

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